Vendor FAQs

You don’t.  However, what you do have to do is assure them that you meet their requirements.  They don’t want to even consider using suppliers or contractors that may not meet their requirements.  They will not risk their reputation, prosecution or damage to their brand.  The good news is that Altius has an in-depth understanding of the requirements and can help you to demonstrate that you meet them through your Altius Assure profile.  Once that’s done the clients will be assured that you meet their requirements and will consider you.  Altius can’t guarantee you’ll get business but we can help you to remove the biggest barrier.

The word ‘fail’ is not in our vocabulary!  Altius is here to help you build a profile that proves to your target clients that you meet their requirements.  When you submit your profile to us for assessment we undertake a gap analysis against the client’s requirements and advise you if we think your profile is insufficient to convince your client.  You can then improve those elements, if there are any, and resubmit it back to us.  We’ll work with you for as long as it takes, at no additional cost to you, to complete the job and give you the best possible chance of being chosen by the client.  So, there is no fail, no re-assessment fee and no closed doors as long as you don’t give-up.

Yes and No.  Unlike the old fashioned annual ‘audit’ our service is based upon an online profile of your company that is used by clients to gain assurance that you meet their requirements.  They don’t want this on only one day per year they want this on any day of the year.  This means you need to keep your profile up-to-date and we help you do that with alerts and reminders.  As long as it is kept up-to-date there is no annual chore of supplying everything all over again on one day of the year.  Having said that many people do find that on the anniversary of their initial submission there are quite a few things due for review.  We’ll make that as easy as we can for you but it does mean the honest answer is ‘yes and no’.

Yes!  Your annual subscription provides a number of valuable benefits including sharing your profile.  It’s your profile.  We help you to make sure it re-assures clients that you meet their requirements.  We have an in depth knowledge of the requirements of the clients we already work with but your independently verified profile is highly likely to re-assure any client.  Altius provides easy ways to share your profile and get the most benefit from your subscription.

If you subscribe to Altius Assure we can add you to the SSIP list at no extra cost whatsoever.  If you don’t wish to work for any of our listed clients but simply want to get on the SSIP list then our CDM Comply service will be better for you. You’ll get on the list but still enjoy some of our other benefits including top quality customer service, fast response and incredible value.

The Altius Assure subscription is free from further costs.  You know right from the start what the cost is and it includes as many assessments as you need, all certificates, email and telephone support and unlimited users of our software.  Altius Assure does not include audits or site visits.  Your client may of course wish to undertake audits or site visits but that is between you and them.  If they do choose to do this they may employ Altius to do the work but, again, this is a completely separate arrangement.

The Altius Assure subscription is simple and transparent and includes support from Altius to build a compelling profile for your company.  Our service is the same for all sizes of company unlike traditional assessment companies whose assessment task is reduced for small companies.  In fact smaller companies often get more benefit from Altius as they find it harder to convince large clients to trust them.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies have recouped the cost of their subscription many times over and Altius’s objective is to make sure everyone gets maximum value for money from their subscription.