Introducing Altius Exigo

The Smart Way to Manage Supply Chain Compliance

There are many ways of approaching supply chain compliance, but do they provide full control, flexibility and transparency? Exigo has been designed specifically to manage compliance across the supply chain, providing a real-time, collaborative solution that will scale with your business.

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Unlike spreadsheets and questionnaires, Exigo allows you to formulate your company’s requirements and convey these quickly and easily to your suppliers. Introducing changes is simple yet controlled, letting you and your suppliers comply with them quickly and without fuss.


Managing, assessing and keeping on top of your supply chain's compliance can be very time consuming to do. Exigo releases you from the day-to-day managing of the compliance of your suppliers. Based on our award winning cloud-based technology and using unique processes, it handles the routine, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they are really needed.


Understanding your requirements and communicating these to your suppliers is hard enough without factoring in changes to requirements. Through Exigo, you and your suppliers work collaboratively, ensuring mutual understanding of what is required at all times.


Accessing accurate information and up-to-date reporting can be difficult without the right tools. Exigo provides a real-time view of compliance, enabling you to check the current and past status of any supplier at any time. It instantly highlights your weak points and potential issues, allowing you to resolve them before they become a risk to your business.


When things go wrong you need to be in a position to say why and how they went wrong. Exigo tracks everything automatically - its built-in audit trail enables you to retrieve the exact status of a supplier from any previous point in time, along with the evidence and rationale for the decisions made.


Understanding, designing and executing regulatory and best-practice compliance is costly and often requires specialist skills. The Exigo system is designed and implemented by Altius, world leaders in supply chain compliance. While you use Exigo you will automatically have access to the Altius Eco-System and will benefit from the team's wealth of knowledge and experience.